International Patient Guide

We look after you from your initial inquiry point through to your return back home.
Our Center for International Patients is dedicated to deliver one-stop service from start to finish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a fully trained and experienced team of advisors and interpreters to coordinate all your medical, travel, accommodation, leisure and other needs seamlessly and professionally.

Before You Travel

Before you travel to Kuşadası Gözde Hospital, you should:
• Prior to your journey, please read through this section. We want to ensure that your visit to Kuşadası Gözde Hospital goes as smoothly as possible.
• Get a copy of all your medical records and a list of your medications that you are currently taking. If applicable, bring CDs and diagnostic films from past medical procedures.
• Contact the international patient representative of Kuşadası Gözde Hospital to schedule your airport pickup and hotel reservations.
• Contact your embassy to obtain the appropriate visa. Avoid getting a visitor’s visa that cannot be extended easily.
• Obtain a credit card that can be used in Turkey, such as VISA or MasterCard.

Plan Your Visit

We understand that planning a medical journey can get hectic – there are flights and accommodation to be arranged, medical assistance (if required) and appointments to be organized and visa paperwork requirements for certain citizens – therefore it is our purpose to ease and assist you throughout every step of the journey as much as possible.

Our center for international patients is dedicated entirely to provide international patients with a comprehensive service covering every aspect from the initial inquiry through to their return back home. Furthermore, a multilingual team will be available to assist and interpret throughout your medical consultations.

Our center for international patients staff provides and assists with:
• Scheduling appointments
• Hospital admissions
• Travel and accommodation arrangements
• Interpreter services
• Air and ground ambulance services
• Financial transactions
• Discharge process and follow-up care

Make An Appointment

You can directly request an appointment with our physicians via mail (

Your medical appointments will be scheduled according to your confirmations.

Accomodation & Airport Transfer

Our center for international patients representative can assist you with accommodation reservations at preferential corporate rates at nearby hotels or short-term stay apartments based on your preferences. We will arrange airport-hotel-hospital transfers in line with your travel and medical appointment arrangements.

Medical Treatment

All medical treatments are performed at our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology and equipment, by our internationally-trained surgeons, doctors, nurses and medical experts.

You will receive a complete medical file once your treatment is finished as well as be informed of necessary follow up requirements. Medical reports will be provided in English.

Duration Of Your Stay

The duration of your stay in Kuşadası will depend on the nature of your treatment. You may or may not require ICU and/or inpatient hospitalization care (detailed information is given in MSO inquiries).

According to your needs, our center for international patients representatives will assist you and your family members to ensure maximum comfort away from home.

Our Medical Units

• 1,5 Tesla MRI
• 3D Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis
• 4D Breast Ultrasonography
• Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
• Anesthesiology
• Cardiology
• Chek-up Canter
• Chest Diseases
• Dentist
• Dermotology
• Ear, Nose and Throat
• Emergency Services
• Endoscopy
• General Surgery
• Microbiology
• Intensive Care
• Internal Medicine
• Neuology
• Neurosurgery
• Nutrition and Diet
• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Ophtalmology
• Orthopedic and Traumatology
• Pathology
• Pediatric
• Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
• Radiology
• Urology