Making the first investment in the healtcare sector by Op. Dr. Kenan KALI in 1998, Gözde Health Group executed various medical investments such as medical center, imaging and dialysis center in Konya, Bolu and Adıyaman while continuing to invest on hospitals in Adıyaman, İzmir and Kuşadası.

Revealing the difference with its professional approach in health care and current diagnostic treatment methods, Gözde Hospitals, today, is a strong health group which continues to serve with 6 hospitals and 2 surgical medical centers in total.

Gözde Health Group, which will continue to serve more people with its investments in the field of health, has adopted the principle of contributing to the development of medicine with its specialists and health professionals, current, preventive and rehabilitative health services, without sacrificing the total quality understanding and medical ethics values.

Gözde Health Group, which is founded with the understanding that all health services are offered to the society in general and that they are the foundation stone of a healthy society and each individual has the right to receive high quality, gentlemanly, respectful, transparent and equitable health services, Gözde Health Group Will continue to give its services with the motto
" Your Most Valuable Asset is Your Health".